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Headtec is a mobile head gasket replacement service, specializing in the Rover K-Series engine. We Repair MG and Rover models such as MGF, MGTF and also models from Lotus and Caterham.

We can also offer other work such as, cambelt changes, water pumps and full services.

Unfortunately, head gasket issues do occur with this engine, and many garages will look to charge much more than is necessary and not realistically affordable. They also will want to keep the car for a number of days leaving you with no other means of transport.

Headtec offer a Head gasket replacement service that is convenient, in which we travel to the car at your home, place of work, car park, where ever it is safe to do the work needed.

Our Work is carried out and completed on the same day. If you have creamy oil, overheating issues, oil in the coolant or water loss. These are all positive signs of head gasket failure.

Any type of coolant loss with this engine is a sign that something is wrong. It doesn't always have to point towards a head gasket failure, but if not looked at and repaired, what could have been a simple cheap job, could end up being the cost of a new gasket replacement or worse.

We travel most of England and Wales.And also Europe. Repairing head gaskets in places such as Belgium and France. Please ask us for a quote to your area.


Contact us today: 07922783191

Email: mgheadtec@gmail.com